"Basic Level Inquiry Systems"

Available for sale in 2017

Basic Level Inquiry System is a unique app plugin which has been developed by the team at Kick Start Apps to provide a flexible inquiry solution to a range of service sectors. All mobile apps developed by Kick Start Apps come pre-loaded with their very own B.L.I.S plugin. In early 2017 you will be able to purchase a stand alone BLIS plugin for wordpress websites, with more options for Magento / Durpal etc, coming in mid to late 2017.

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•B.L.I.S for Beauticians
•B.L.I.S for Doctors
•B.L.I.S for Driving Instructors
•B.L.I.S for Personal Trainers
•B.L.I.S for Aesthetic Clinics
•B.L.I.S for Pubs
•B.L.I.S for Delis
•B.L.I.S for Pet Groomers
•B.L.I.S for Physiotherapists
•B.L.I.S for Sport Clubs
•B.L.I.S for Salons

•B.L.I.S for Dentists
•B.L.I.S for Gyms & PTs
•B.L.I.S for Restaurants
•B.L.I.S for Spas
•B.L.I.S for Tattooists
•B.L.I.S for Take Aways
•B.L.I.S for Coffee Shops
•B.L.I.S for Vets
•B.L.I.S for Estate Agents
•B.L.I.S for Travel Agents

•B.L.I.S for Bands
•B.L.I.S for Events
•B.L.I.S for Night Clubs
•B.L.I.S for Barbers
•B.L.I.S for Hotels
•B.L.I.S for Retail
•B.L.I.S for Golf Clubs
•B.L.I.S for Opticians
•B.L.I.S For Photographers
•B.L.I.S for Delivery Services
•B.L.I.S for Schools

•B.L.I.S for Casinos
•B.L.I.S for Gardeners
•B.L.I.S for Tanning Shops
•B.L.I.S for Valet Services
•B.L.I.S for BBQ’s
•B.L.I.S for the Beach
•B.L.I.S for Parking
•And so many more

Brought to you by Kickstartapps a division of “M.I.R.E.C.A.R.T”